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TICKET 6: Spiceworld

I had to experiment with a new way to scan the tickets, since A.) I wasn't having as much success bulk-scanning them the way I did with 1 through 5, B.) when I scanned 1-5 all together, I hated having to try to crop them down to size and not include parts of the other tickets, and C.) some of these have started to fade over time, and scanning them on a white background was confusing the scanner, so I'd get teeny little images that were not of the ticket at all. So I'm thinking from here on out, everything will be scanned on a black background, or at least it will be until I get to the tickets that aren't faded.


Movie: Spiceworld
Date and Time: 1/31/98; 12:10 P.M.
Ticket Price: $4.25; matinée ticket.
Who I Saw it With: my friend Katie.
Random Facts
--Among the many in-jokes in the movie is Dennis (the bus driver, played by Meat Loaf) saying, when asked to fix the toilets on the Spice Bus, that he'd do anything for the girls, "but I won't do that!", which is a reference to the song "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)".
--In the photo shoot scene, the girls dress up as the same women that they sung about in their song, "The Lady Is A Vamp" (among them: Jackie O., Marilyn Monroe, and Bond girls).
--The following appear in the movie in minor roles: Hugh Laurie, Elvis Costello, Alan Cumming, Stephen Fry, Bob Geldolf, Roger Moore, and Jennifer Saunders.

The Story
I saw a lot of movies with Katie. She was my best friend. We met in kindergarten and we were in the same class together every year except for first grade, until she moved about thirty minutes away. Our interests were pretty much the same--we both liked the Baby-Sitters Club books, had the same crushes on the same '90s heartthrobs, and listened to a lot of the same music. Including, yes, the Spice Girls.

The only person right now who can come close to touching the Spice Girls phenomenon is Miley Cyrus, in that Miley has merchandise like crazy, and millions of little girls between the ages of six and twelve want to be her. It was totally the same with the Spice Girls (okay, raise your hand if you and your friends ever "played Spice Girls" and you got assigned a role). Katie and I both liked Victoria, back when she was just Posh Spice and wore little black dresses and looked serious. We used to trade posters of them that were ripped out of Teen Beat and 16, and once we found out about Spiceworld, we decided that we absolutely had to see it on the first day.

So we went to the second-earliest show on the first weekend of its release. The theater was full of girls around our age and a little younger (with a few that were a little older). I practically squealed aloud when it finally started with "Too Much" (which, to this day, remains one of my favorite Spice Girls songs) started, and Katie and I were both saying, "It's starting!!" excitedly. On the way home, we gushed over it in the way that twelve year old girls can gush over their pop idols of the moment, and we quoted back the line about "the little Gucci dress" a couple dozen times.

A few months later, Katie and I would discover boy bands, and Katie would abandon her Spice fanaticism, calling them "sluts". I still remained a fan, and was crushed--crushed!--when Geri (Ginger) left the group. I wrote a distraught journal entry and everything.
Tags: 1998, genre: comedy, saw with: friends, time: matinee
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