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TICKETS 3 and 4: 101 Dalmations and Air Bud

Movie: 101 Dalmations
Date and Time: 12/29/96; 4 P.M.
Ticket Price: $4; matinee ticket.
Who I Saw it With: my aunt, cousins, and brother.
Random Facts
--John Hughes (who wrote and directed Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, among other movies), wrote the screenplay for this.
--Hugh Laurie (of House fame) plays Jasper.
--Hugh Grant was originally offered the part of Roger. That role went to Jeff Daniels.
--The actors had steak juice dabbed on them so that the dogs would lick them on cue.

The Story
My parents' wedding anniversary is near the end of December, so my brother and I were shooed off for an afternoon at the movies with our cousins and two of our aunts, who provided transportation and much-needed chaperoning. I think there were eight of us kids total, with five being under the age of eight (and two being babies), so having two adults present was most likely a really good idea.

What I remember the most from this one is that we were practically sitting in the front row. The theater we saw this at has something like eighteen theaters, and a good chunk of them have stadium seating. But it was so packed with families taking their kids as a nice post-holiday diversion that all ten of us had no place to go to but the front row. I also have a vague memory of a big bag of popcorn in my lap.

Overall, I really prefer the original animated version of 101 Dalmations to this one. I was displeased that Patch (the dalmation with the mark around his eye in the animated version) wasn't in this one, and I didn't like that Roger designed video games. And since seeing this, every time I see Glenn Close in anything else, I always think of her as Cruella De Vil in here. Actually, the first time that I realized that De Vil was devil was when I saw this. Yeah.

Movie: Air Bud
Date and Time: 8/5/97; 7 P.M.
Ticket Price: $6; adult ticket.
Who I Saw it With: my mom and brother.
Random Facts
--Kevin Zegers, who plays Josh, was in three of the Air Bud sequels.
--Eight sequels (all direct to video/DVD) have been made for this movie.

The Story
When I was a kid, my mom took my brother and I to a lot of movies. My dad would, on occasion, take us, but mostly, it was the thing my brother and I did with Mom. My mom took me to my first movie (The Adventures of Milo and Otis), and she also took me to see my first Disney movie (The Little Mermaid). Around this time, my mom was working long hours at her job, and she always made sure to spend time with my brother and I on our days off. Sometimes, that involved going to the movies.

When Mom would take us to the movies, she used to always bring a blanket and spread it out over the three of us. She usually sat between my brother and I, and she usually fell asleep half the time--which I get, because hey, she was just taking us to see whatever it was so that we'd be happy. She never slept through movies with animals, for some reason. And my mom is a bit of a softie when it comes to movies with animals. She cried when we saw Free Willy and Free Willy 2. And what I remember the most from this movie (short of walking out with a crush on Kevin Zegers, who grew up nice) was my mom crying whenever the mean clown guy is kicking Buddy (the dog) and then later on when Josh tries to leave Buddy.
Tags: 1996, 1997, genre: comedy, genre: drama, genre: family, saw with: family, time: evening, time: matinee
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