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TICKET 7: Small Soldiers

...I did not mean for there to be a big, two week gap between posts. D:

Movie: Small Soldiers
Date and Time: 7/11/98; 4:15 P.M.
Ticket Price: $4.25; matinée ticket.
Who I Saw it With: my mom and my brother.
Random Facts
--The head of Globotech is named Gil Mars. Mars was the Roman god of war.
--The voices of the Commando Elite, except for Major Chip Hazard and Link Static, are played by the actors of The Dirty Dozen.
--The voices of the Gorgonites, except for Archer and Ocula, are played by the actors of This Is Spinal Tap.

Here's what I remember from the summer of 1998: the Spice Girls breaking up (and me being devastated in the melodramatic way that twelve year old girls can be), this one girl in my class calling me up at one point and telling me that the boy I'd spent all of about two years crushing on was "going out" with this other girl (who I disliked) and me angsting about it, seeing Mulan, making a footstool out of coffee cans in Bible school (don't ask), going on a camping trip with my Girl Scout troop in the Appalachians, going to Kings' Dominion in June with Mom and my brother (and Mom getting sick after we made the mistake of taking her on The Outer Limits roller coaster), and starting to really, really like the Backstreet Boys.

I think I remember seeing the trailer for Small Soldiers when we went to some other movie. My brother wanted to see it a little more than I did. There were no real rules or rhyme or reason when it came to the movies we saw--like, Mom (or Dad) never would say, "Okay, Candice picks this one and [Brother] picks the next one", but I think that since Mulan had been my last pick as far as movies, we got to see Small Soldiers, since my brother wanted to see it so bad.

This one, in retrospect, is kind of weird, and occasionally dumb funny (as in: it contains moments that are so dumb that they are unintentionally hilarious. My brother coined that phrase some time ago, and it's very appropriate at times). But I remember finding the part during the Epic Battle on the Lawn hilarious, because the Commando Elite figures start blaring "Wannabe" over a boom box.
Tags: 1998, genre: action, genre: comedy, saw with: family, time: matinee
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