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TICKET 5: Anastasia

Movie: Anastasia
Date and Time: 11/28/97; 4:35 P.M.
Ticket Price: $4.25; matinee ticket.
Who I Saw it With: my friend Katie.
Random Facts
--The real Anastasia once wore a dress almost exactly like the one Anya wears in the last scenes of the movie.
--When Meg Ryan was offered the role of Anya, she couldn't decide if she wanted to take it or not. Fox, hearing about her indescisiveness, took an audio clip of her from Sleepless in Seattle and made a short animated sequence of Anya speaking the lines. The clip was then sent to Ryan, who was so impressed by it that she took the part.
--In Paris, Anya buys a dress from a Chanel boutique.
--The song "Journey to the Past" was nominated for Best Original Song at the 1998 Oscars. Aaliyah, who performed the pop version of the song, sang it during the ceremony and was one of the youngest people to perform at the Oscars.
--This was the first feature to be made by 20th Century Fox's animation division.

The Story
Don Bluth's movies are actually pretty good, and pretty underrated, in my opinion. An American Tale, The Land Before Time (the first one, the best one, not the squillion sequels that DO NOT EXIST TO ME), and All Dogs Go to Heaven are all movies that I remember fairly fondly from my childhood. Anastasia is probably the one that isn't kind of dismissed--but even then, a lot of people think it's a Disney movie. Sigh.

I don't remember whether I suggested seeing this or whether Katie (who was my best friend at the time) suggested it. We'd both wanted to see it, though, so the day after Thanksgiving, her parents took us and her older sister off to the big theater (the one where I got a neck cramp while watching 101 Dalmations with my cousins) to see this. When we left, Katie's sister and her dad were discussing the goriness in it (because, well, there's scenes in it with Rasputin's various body parts falling off and other such grossness). Katie and I, however were discussing something else: the hotness of Dimitri.

I was eleven then, and this was a little bit before the whole Leo-mania that seized the world right after Titanic came out (it wouldn't come out until December 19 that year), and a little bit before the whole boy band mania also seized the nation. And Katie and I had both had hardcore crushes on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and the boys from Boy Meets World, so logistically, we had no real reason to crush on a cartoon character. But we did. While her dad and sister were discussing the gore, she and I were whispering about Dimitri in the back seat. Nowadays, I'm likely to blame the Dimitri crush on the fact that John Cusack provided his voice, but come on, for an animated guy, he's awfully cute, no?
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